Tenso, the European network for professional chamber choirs, was founded in 2003 by conductors Laurence Equilbey and Daniel Reuss to promote innovation in choral practice across Europe. Since then, Tenso plays a major role in the choral music world through activities that seek to strengthen the professional choral network, promote contemporary repertoire and find new ways to showcase choral music in order to fill the gap between performers and audiences. Tenso currently represents thirteen of the finest chamber choirs in Europe (full list available on www.tenso-vocal.eu).

Tenso activities:

- collect and publicize the work done by member choirs in the creation, discovery and distribution of existing and new repertoire for chamber choir, and make it available via internet;

- commission new music for chamber choir from the most outstanding living European composers;

- organize expertise exchange on several subjects of choir management, such as cooperation with amateurs and children and innovative multi-disciplinary projects;

- organize expertise exchange for singers and conductors;

- organize the Tenso Days, an international choir festival aimed at a large and general audience of music lovers, in collaboration with festivals, venues and other partners


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