Telemann Der Tag des Gerichts

June 2017 marked the 250th anniversary of Telemann’s death. This friend of Johann Sebastian Bach’s has still been considered by many a fine businessman rather than a fine composer. However, dismissing him as a prolific writer/composer would be oversimplifying the matter. The most popular composer of his day achieved an unprecedented mastery in a work such as the 1762 Der Tag des Gerichts [‘The Day of Judgement’]. Despite his old age of 82 years, Telemann was as innovative and inquisitive as ever, writing an adventurous oratorio – his last one – containing portrayals of nature only Haydn was to rival in Die Schöpfung. In his choral parts he ceased to use polyphony: they are of a homophonic nature.

Up to today, a performance of Der Tag des Gerichts still makes for a musical pageant.

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767) Der Tag des Gerichts TWV 6:8 1762


Orkest van de Achttiende Eeuw

Cappella Amsterdam choir

Andrea Marcon conductor

Lisa Larsson soprano

Carlos Mena counter tenor

Thomas Cooley tenor

Konstantin Wolff bass



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