Motets of Josquin Desprez

The Burgundy Lifestyle/Utrecht Early Music Festival 2018

The Utrecht Early Music Festival 2018 chose for its theme The Burgundy Lifestyle of the Renaissance period, when the Franco-Flemish polyphony was blooming, step by step growing to be the model for European art music. Within this theme, Josquin des Prez is one of the central figures and Cappella brings a tribute to this musical genius.

‘The motets of Josquin belong to his best works of Josquin, and I may consider the Miserere mei Deus and Planxit autem David to be the two most beautiful works in the whole of the musical Renaissance period. This is why I chose this programme with motets in which Josquin’s music can be heard in all its splendour,’ according to Daniel Reuss.

In these motets Josquin uses various compositional techniques – ranging from an ostinato in Miserere mei Deus, a cantus firmus in Nymphes des Bois, to a musical and text-related game with ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la in Ut Phebi Radiis and a completely free style in Planxit autem David. The programme is framed by a lament of Josquin on the death of Ockeghem for its opening and, finally, a lament of Gombert on the death of Josquin.


Josquin Desprez (ca. 1450/55-1521)

Déploration sur la mort d’Ockeghem

Miserere mei deus

Planxit autem david

Absalon fili mi

Pater noster / Ave maria

In principio

De profundis / Requiem Aeternam

Absolve quaesumus Domine

Ut Phebi Radiis

Nicolaas Gombert (ca. 1490-ca. 1560)

Musae jovis


Cappella Amsterdam

Daniel Reuss conductor

[Jd1]Hier geloof ik een ander werk (zei Daniel)





17.00 h

The Burgundy Lifestyle

Jacobikerk, Utrecht


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