Arvo Pärt (1935)

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Ode I


Ode IV

Ode VI




Ode IX

Prayer after the canon

The time of eternity

The Kanon Pokajanen (Canon of Repentance), premiered in March 1998, is Arvo Pärt’s most monumental composition. Its prolonged genesis, a meticulous process of assimilation of the text in Church Slavonic, the austerity and subtlety of its style embody the same sincerity, the same spiritual and contemplative radiance as icon painting. A dialogue with the Sacred in which time stands still.

Cappella Amsterdam, conductor Daniel Reuss


Martha Bosch
Katharine Dain
Marijke van der Harst
Mariëlle Kirkels
Maria Köpcke
Marjo van Someren
Rachel Thompson


Marine Fribourg
Sabine van der Heijden
Luise Kimm
Mieke van Laren
Dorien Lievers
Inga Schneider
Suzanne Verburg


Ross Buddie
Dolf Drabbels
Jon Etxabe-Arzuaga
Mattijs Hoogendijk
Johannes Klügling
William Knight
Adriaan De Koster


Nicolas Boulanger
Christoph Drescher
Pierre-Guy Le Gall White
Martijn de Graaf Bierbrauwer
Jan Willem van der Hagen
Kees Jan de Koning
Bart Oenema
Drew Santini 

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