Cappella Amsterdam receives Dutch ‘Edison Klassiek 2013’ prize


The winners of the Edison Klassiek 2013 have been announced. From 209 entries the jury chose Cappella Amsterdam (conducted by Daniel Reuss), Reinbert de Leeuw, Matthias Goerne and Van Baerle Trio to be the winners this year. Cappella Amsterdam won the prize in the category ‘choirs’ with the album ‘Janácek – Choral Works’, published by Harmonia Mundi.

The jury: Cappella Amsterdam has been - for some time already - at the highest level in two - seemingly distant from each other - musical worlds: that of old music and that of twentieth - century composers . The steadily expanding discography of the choir shows the quality that they maintain with this split. After recent impressive CDs with works from Bach, Sweelinck , Martin and Ligeti, there now this fantastic CD with works by the Czech composer Leos Janácek ( 1854-1928 ) . Six Moravian hymns form a cheerful beginning, for which Janácek relied on duets from his friend Antonin Dvorák . When Cappella Amsterdam sings these songs - despite the texts about difficult love – you can hear the Bohemian summer sun under which both composers were walking during one summer. After this the decor remains rural, with songs about a shot duck (Kacena Divoka) and a captain who chases after a wolf (Vici stopa). But these compositions are much more dramatic, in which Janacek is musically much closer to his operas. This also shows how the power of Cappella Amsterdam exceeds the purely technical (purity, unity, but also individual talent). This is all poetic, empathic, delicate and – in the Elegy which Janácek composed after the death of his twenty year old daughter - frankly heartbreaking. After the somewhat lighter Rikadla, where Cappella Amsterdam proves with delicious absurdist nursery rhymes that no contrast is too big for the choir, this exquisite and versatile portrait of Janácek is ended in a solemn atmosphere with an Ave Maria and a gripping, almost opera-like Our Father.

We are proud to have received this prestigious Dutch Award!

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