Concerts 2016-2017 in Utrecht and Amsterdam

You can order tickets for our concerts in Amsterdam and Utrecht.

Pieterskerk, Utrecht

In Utrecht we will be performing in three concerts in the Pieterskerk. Separate concerts can be purchased for 24,50 euros, but you can also order a series of three concerts for 65 euros. You can order tickets via Stichting Pieterskerkconcerten.

In Utrecht we will be performing:

Vrijdag 16 december 2016: Hodie Christus natus est

Vrijdag 20 januari 2017: Contrasten: carte blanche voor Florian Benfer

Vrijdag 17 maart 2017: Passions & Lamentations

Muziekgebouw aan t IJ, Amsterdam

In Amsterdam we will be performing in seven concerts in our series. Discover which concerts and order tickets via Muziekgebouw aan t IJ. At the Muziekgebouw they allow several discounts:

• 20% discount on the normal price for 3 to 6 different concerts 

• 25% discount on the normal price for 6 to 9 different concerts

• 35% discount on the normal price for 9 or more different concerts

At other venues in e.g. Leiden, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Lochem and many other cities in the Netherlands and abroad, you can order tickets via the venues. Please discover these in our concert Agenda.


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