Lees de Nieuwsbrief van het Tenso netwerk van professionele kamerkoren

This year’s Tenso Days was hosted by Det Norske Solistkor and is presented as part of ULTIMA Oslo Contemporary
Music Festival. Four Tenso member choirs (Latvijas Radio Koris, Musicatreize, Nederlands Kamerkoor, Det Norske Solistkor) were be in Oslo to present the very best in chamber choir performance.
The festival is a great illustration of Tenso’s commitment to new work: in addition to mainly contemporary programming, the Tenso choirs presented eight world premieres; and, with over 90 applications, Tenso
hosted its most sought after Composers Workshop to date.Tenso has also worked with the Norwegian Academy of
Music and composer Lasse Thoresen to produce Concrescence - Conference on Microtonality.
Finally, the Tenso board met to discuss a number of issues including the finalization of Tenso’s new structure, expanding the network, planning next years Marseille Tenso Days and a long-term EU project.

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